Jewelry Wall

I built this to store jewelry in the dead space in the center of my closet. So far, it is keeping everything organized. And I realized I have lost several pairs of earrings in the last few years. I wonder where they went?

Instructions Earring frame
1. Removed the glass and mat from a picture frame.
2. Drilled holes through the board that forms the back of the picture frame and poked matching holes in cardboard padding.
3. Covered cardboard with wrapping paper and taped it down.
4. Used small hooks to poke holes in wrapping paper

Instruction – Necklace box
I used 2 utensil holders from the kitchen section at Target.

I painted the utensil boxes with white lacquer spray paint (2 coats).

I drilled holes in the corners for the support screws and then holes for the knobs. I used the old knobs from my kitchen cabinets.

Then I added the same wallpaper as the earring frame and some fancy paper to cover the back of each section.

I hung the frame, the boxes and an old shelf from my house in Royal Oak and everything is organized now!


One Response to “Jewelry Wall”

  1. coco+kelley Says:

    oh how cute!! (and organized!!) thanks for stopping by the blog šŸ™‚ i love to see how people are displaying their jewelry – i just keep getting more and more ideas…

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